Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yes, it's true

I did let Carma drag me to Ft. Wayne afterall yesterday. She blogged about it of course.

Yes, dear readers, 'tis true: yours truly did, in fact, try on several pretty dresses. Even put one on layaway. But I am having second thoughts about actually buying it. For one thing, I only have until December 13th to get it out of layaway, and one of these next paychecks is gonna be seriously lacking, due to three "holiday" days off work for which I get no holiday pay whatsoever. But it is kind of a neat dress. But I would still need the proper under-gear and shoes. And some sort of a wrap or... I forget the term they were using for this dainty, lacy little mini-vest type thing that goes over it. It's a strapless dress, you see.

Oh, and I'd have to delve back into the land of the shaven legs and armpits. I'm rather enjoying the extra warmth of my own body hair, thank you very much.

(TMI yet again? Too bad! ;-P )

The half-baked idea right now is to have a "formal" birthday party in January. Something were we all dress to the nines and go out on the town in Ft. Wayne. I've charged Carma to please bang my wife, but I have to supply her with names and contact info. But the weather's usually pretty crappy that time of the year, so even if people did try to come from far and near (it's a Friday night even), we might just end up sitting around in my mother's living room, fending off the dogs and cats. Hurumph.

I just don't know... See why I don't like girlification? It makes me all flaky and weird. And I just can't pull it off. I'm a farce of a girly-girl. But I want someone to make a *really* big deal of my 30th birthday... Is that selfish?